[BEHIND THE BEATS] NASTIA – Exclusive interview at EC6

We are so happy to finally reveal our exclusive interview with Nastia at Electric Castle for Badass DJ x Burn Energy. The awesome emerging artist told us about how she finds inspiration, how was her experience during the DNB set at EC6 and the other events she has had over the years in Romania.

There’s so much energy and dedication for the set and the crowd, which is why DJ are some of the most hard working people in the music industry. It takes a lot of courage to try on different tracks and play with transitions, but before all of these, it’s all about research, travels, with good or experiences. Nastia is one of those artists that was never afraid to speak up; to tell her fans what’s on her mind and to tell her stories through Instagram. Her honesty has helped be even more appreciated,and her experience at EC 6 was definitely one of her best.

Anastasia Topolskaia aka Nastia:


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