[FRESH BEATS] Deep Wonderland with Adrien

If we were to analyze the Romanian electronic music scene ever since its beginning, there’s a slight chance that anyone would miss the deep and house influences that kind of triggered the craving for electronic music here. It is indeed true that the local micro housers and the famous rominimal trend have grown massively in the past 10 years, but there are still a few DJs that want to break that boundary and just simply remind us about the diverse and playful sounds of deep house, within an environment that is fully focused on strong repetitive beats that take over the nightclubs.



Adrien is one of them. I had known him for a little while I might say, but I am indeed shocked that his music tickles my tastes. A Romanian DJ and producer whos tracks have traveled all the way to Miami. A touch of vibrant beats and electrifying notes. I have first discovered deep house through the well-known Larey Heard. those Chicago beats have lightened up some pretty awful nights – it just gives you a distinctive groove.

What fascinated me about Adrien is that he is combining a personal sound with twists and beats and grooves and kicks that seem to be influenced by many other cultures. It is kind of like a set of tracks that can be listened anywhere, by anyone.

If you were to watch him play, you would notice his natural moves and that “feeling good” attitude which is easily and instantly passed onto the crowd. Someone very dear to me once told me that a good DJ knows how to insert a party into a set: it’s a warm-up beginning, one that invites you to meet the DJ, one that introduces him as an artist – a main and crazy middle which will tear your shoes apart, alert kicks and mash-ups that will make you remember his name – the after party and the closing which are the highlight and the cooldown of the set. And this is that Adrien does.

He invites you to take a sip and then lets you down the rabbit hole into the depths of deep music.


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