[FRESH BEATS] Herck is the distinct producer you should keep an eye on

With an artillery of breathtaking notes, his nostalgia-inducing tracks are showing us what a natural talent looks like. Rather more what it sounds like. He is rumbling below the surafce, slowly rising up. Herck reminds me of my personal favorite: Morgan Geist. I heard stories about him, nothing but great things. He is simple and humble, not much into being in the center of attention. Just like the young Romanian artist. Herck’s all about self expression, strange yet somehow addictive. An immersive haze, a deep and atmospheric rework of the ro-minimal.


If you listen to his tracks, it opens your apettite for more. Immediately. It’s dark and light, it’s a balance between the sweet groove of the ’90s and the powerful impact of the minimal, uplifting bass and the perfect choice of vocals. One hell of a producer, and you should keep an eye on him. That solid bassline and dynamic, playful rhytm will slowly imprint onto the local scene. His style displays a brighter approach, an apogee of the young generation that has the duty to actually add a personal touch to the minimal-focused sound that has been present for over 10 years now. A sci-fi fascination, fresh new vibes that are simply hypnotizing.



It didn’t happen over the night, but what I am most fascinated about is the diverse aura that’s surrounding him. A shapeshifter kind of artist. He will challenge the audience to take a leap into discovering a new musical story.


Pictures source: The Sunday Afters/ Dranau Gabriel

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