[FRESH BEATS] The young artist that innovates through sound and art

I met Christopher Ledger about 2 years ago. Art has somehow connected us; our first discussion was all about some of the mirrored photos from my personal project. We got to meet in person at Dakini Festival and from there, I have had the opportunity to discover him beyond his music.

He is one of the most dedicated persons I have ever met, always looking to innovate and grow, to discover more and hold on to his personal touch on everything that he does, whether is producing or mixing. His love for art is deeply reflected into his music, with each track being an instrumental story that you have to discover; through clear basslines, powerful kicks and ambiental notes. What I find particularly interesting about Christopher’s sound is how he has always managed to combine his piano skills into electronic music and create a clear track that is making you dance, reflect and discover its meaning at the same time.


Earlier this year, Christopher has launched his own label CL Series, and I am more than happy to invite you to discover the label’s first album release and many more tracks. The label is emphasizing the artist’s creative process, with him being able to envision the sounds into visual form or draw sketches while creating a certain track. A special fusion that is definitely going to contribute to the rise of the young artist.

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