[FRESH BEATS] Unsteady Colonization with Nazarcu

Now, it is never easy to actually write a review about someone you know very well, but when it comes to writing, I have no rules or boundaries. I remember that one of my favorite artists, Kendrick Lamar has said something likes: whatever I put out there, I meant it, I can’t change it. And that’s what I am doing also.

I am nothing but an electronic music lover and I somehow never managed to fully understand the technical and creative process behind a track. Nazarcu is an emerging young producer whos journey is filled with ups and downs, and right now, he is definitely on the rise. It is not easy to enter a new universe, and while being a student at Point Blank, your doors open to whole other universe. After training there for 2 years, from one studio to another, from mixing and sound design to business and management, Nazarcu has started playing at venues like Egg London or Big Bamboo.



After getting back to Romania, and his experience at Burn Residency, Nazarcu started focusing on music production. Through a fusion between Drum’n’bass, the genre that made him discover more of the electronic music territory, and techno blended with minimal and house. His fresh releases are quite a delight, like a sensorial journey through Ambient, yet groovy and melodic sounds. My personal favorite, Colonization express the process of a young producer, ready to land in the league through those heavy drums and silky-soft notes matching the sound of an alien.

Keep an eye on this one. More stories written through warm natural sounding and digital sharp sounds are coming up.


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    Great! Waiting for the hidden gems, i know that they’re there somewhere. Keep up with the good job and good luck

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