[WHO’S BAD] Apollonia: a 3 ingredients artist

We bet you are quite familiar with the rabbit hole. All of the characters associated with the concept work as one in order to bring up to the surface the journey that the magical void can provide. It is indeed a fairytale, but what if such things are somehow present in our world? Take music, for example, a magical void that invites you to let loose, to free yourself of all restrains and just see beyond the realm of life. It is not easy to be the rabbit, but some artists do manage to play the role perfectly. Apollonia. Described as a single artist made out of three ingredients: Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, and Shonky.

Back in 2013, at Amsterdam Dance Event, Apollonia had their first showcase. Now, let’s take a closer look at the recipe list: we have one cup of music production dexterity, sharpness, and creativity provided by Shonky, the after-hours intense and empowering sound of Dan Ghenacia and the master of music selection and mysterious character, Mr. Dyed Soundorom. Brought together, they have created the b2b2b french trio Apollonia and ever since that very first show at ADE, the group has done nothing but to make crowds go crazy everywhere they go.



A friendship that started more than 15 years ago, and a career that has yet to fly over the moon, that is because we all know how hard it is to even try a b2b when it comes to DJing. The chemistry, the perfect choreography, the bond, the match. And not every match can bring light. They have once said that “music partners must be like-minded” which is clearly the essence of their core. Ever since the group took over the industry, they have managed to quickly rise and gain the respect and love of many crowds all over the world. All this at a remarkable speed. They’ve just pulled off a rare approach, from individual sounds to a mix and match DJ-Producers smash. A three-armed character that ticked off the common edge of the European electronic music scene.


We couldn’t possibly think of a better badass trio. Tastemakers, amazing dancers (take it from Shonky mostly), through their mix series, releases and live session, they’ve inspired a generation of artists and they are not gonna stop now. Their main role is to dominate dancefloors in a way that nobody else has ever done, which is quite the most common DJ-fantasy, but you see, we don’t think they would rather admit that themselves instead of just focusing on bringing the most dancy sets and the carefreeness of what Apollonia represents through music. Revivalism. Their productions and performances are flexing the character’s behavior, taking us all into the rabbit hole, inviting us to be part of this crazy musical ride.



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