[WHO’S BAD] Stepping into a new dimension with Amorf

Three sounds, three styles, and three personalities: the hypnotic chemistry transformed into a blissful utopia entitled Amorf. “Reflections” is one of the features on their new EP Dimensions and my personal favorite. I am also a huge fan of the 2017’s impressive experimental Blending Light LP, which to me is the perfect reflection of their unique sound.

Anyone who listens to their music knows it has the fundamental impact of jazz, the mesmerizing groove filled with variations of dynamic beats. Their soft approach is what all three are known for, which is why each track seems to have this silky kind of touch. It injects calmness into your soul, but somehow the whole crowd from the dancefloor is entering a new dimension when dancing on those beats. The inception that this project will generate represents a movement towards a serene new approach for our local sound.



The combination between Mischa Blanos, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia is tantalizing, technically proficient; it sounds like nothing and no one else. I think you must surely recognize the sparkling specific notes of their tracks. If you haven’t yet listened to the newest EP Dimensions, then you must do so right away. As described, and I quote: “Reflections” which retains the loose and live feel of their acclaimed live performances, with influences of jazz and classical for an epic introspective cut. On the flip, “Manifold Surface” is more straight up, injected with some dancefloor dynamics which makes for a groove filled and hypnotic journey”. It gives me feels.

I got goosebumps once again while listening to their live set from their last show in Bucharest, which was held last night in Control Club. Every live set seems to be a manifestation of its creators’ total dedication to music. Before you can better understand their sound, you must first dissect the components that make it what it is. All three of them bear a unique yet familiar sound and each of these perspectives, ideas, influences combined to create something special: Amorf – meaning without a clearly defined shape or form. Even so, their music is shaping the crowds and I can clearly see how their evolution will invite us into a new dimension curated by the classical cellist (Cristi Cons), the percussion and bass magician (Vlad Caia), and le pianiste (Mischa Blanos).




Founders of the Amphia label, better known as SIT when present as a duo. Both of them are well known for the collaboration, but I find it particularly interesting how much both of them have managed to stick to their own style. To me, Cons is the one crafting the delicate beats, while Caia is dizzyingly innovative, and SIT is just an example of what it happens when you have a wider perspective on both production and live sets: an exquisite imprint on the second wave of Romanian DJs and producers.


When I first attended a session with Mischa I was completely blown away. He owns the piano, and he becomes one with it. A luscious acoustic-electronic combination that invites you to taste both the classical sounds, while the electric feeling is running through your veins already. He is conspicuously experimenting with all sorts of structures and notes, in order to deliver one of the best sounds, while also managing to be an entertainer.


We are stepping into a new dimension. Amorf will definitely leave its own mark on the future generation of producers and performers. From digesting the new releases, to the thirst for me, it is no doubt that the trio caught our attention and we invite you to explore their sound: a complex love affair between jazz-influenced sounds and electronic music.




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