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I chose this title on purpose. Indeed, there might some who won’t probably figure out why. One of the new artists that made me love electronic music and want to discover it beyond the usual parties and events in Romania was Cezar. There was something different about him, and I wasn’t too aware of what was exactly the thing that made me enjoy his music so much. He has earned respect as one of the most established Romanian producers, with his tracks traveling around the world, to delight many crowds and many DJs. His musical approach, label, and studio, his guidance and openness have played a very important role in paving the way for other artists.


For a Fabric interview he gave a long time ago he mentioned: “It was rare to find Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Bee Gees, Jimmy Hendrix and NWA to listen to in the late ‘80s in Romania.” Which can easily explain his diverse style and the way he manages to combine so many subgenres so that his sets are uplifted by subtle jazz notes or groovy tracks fragments. Playful, yet linear, dynamic, yet trippy. He followed his guts and he just wanted to make an imprint through his music. No wonder everybody gasps when hearing his name.



From collecting cassettes to playing at some of the biggest festivals out there. He was born and raised in Bucharest and started out as a part-time DJ. In 2005, Cezar was one of the residents at Studio Martin, where most electronic parties took place and where the whole focus on electronic music has grown over the years. Soon after that, Cezar enrolled in the Society of Automotive Engineers and started to explore the depths of this genre from the technical side also.


He is known for his love for piano and jazz, which over the years, have given him a trademark which can be recognized worldwide. During that time, the events were mainly organized by The Mission, where lineups brought James Zabiela, Sasha, and Steve Lawler. But slowly, artists like Rhadoo and Raoul were opening the doors for a new genre. It wasn’t easy to find records, to find music, to keep it to yourself and find the best way to mix it so that the crowd will remember you the next day.


After his graduation, he took on piano lessons and juggled between finding his electronic style and studying harmonies. Understand.ro was an online forum where people shared music and discussed events and exchange opinions. When Sunrise started throwing parties at Studio Martin, Cezar was there. Fast forward to more parties, he started getting into production and one of his tracks made it into the DC10 RPR mix.





From production to performer and label owner. Alongside Kozo, his fellow mate from high school, and Praslea, Cezar has started to build his way up. Understand label went through years of pressing and sorting in order for some releases to surface their way up. And from there, the legendary Cezar become one of the most outstanding electronic music icons. He was producing, he was playing, and he was growing the Understand family in such a way that each DJ on the rise, each emerging artist would have fair guidance and inspiration.


Understanding Cezar and his vision is a research-job that any music passionate should once try. Through listening to his music and understanding it without trying to lift up the mysterious aura that surrounds him can be a good start. He appreciates the roots, the 0 point of his career and he somehow manages to speak all about it in his music. You can hear raw sounds and different blips that trigger a hook, you can see him digesting the crowd energy and transforming it into a vibrant set. One that many wishes could never end, and some wish they could understand.





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